The Ideal Constitution

Freedom of Education

The title Freedom of Education lets you wonder. You think of the right on education (e.g. women in Islamic States are not supposed to get educated). As in the Freedom of Religion you tend to think that people are not allowed to believe and therefore it is declared as a constitutional right to believe, as it is a constitutional right to get educated.
But it is not the right to get educated, on the contrary: parents are allowed by constitutional right to continue to brainwash their children with their dogmas, as they already did to the age of 6. But with this constitutional right they are allowed to continue brainwashing after the age of 6 till the age of 16.
Religion is mingled with Culture, Moral Values and Rituals. Most people who are raised within a Religion, Culture and Moral Values will hold on to that till death. But education should have little to do with Religion and their Moral Values. It is a proven means to enrich your Knowledge, Skills and social Behavior.

Kind of educations

There are lots of kind of educations: But also in Religion: And in form:



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Purpose of education

The main goal of education should be to prepare the child for a successful career in society, and that is by enrichment in Knowledge, Skills and Social Behavior (social Skills).


Knowledge is a strange phenomenon, the more you learn, the more you realize you know less. Your ability to recognize new phenomenons in the world enhances, which opens new horizons and discloses unexplored dimensions.
You can look at your lawn and see disturbant weed. Or you can distinguish daisies, dandelions, clover, ground-ivy and moss.
You can look at the nightly sky and see lots of light dots and that's it. Or you are teached that most dots are stars (like the Sun), and some are planets (like the Earth) or satellites (like the Moon). And you can look further in the Universe (actually look in the past), to Comets, Galaxies, etc.
You can read about History. Some people do not wish to look further back than written History, but others wish to know about Neanderthalers, Cro-Magnon, Dinosaurs, the beginning of life and the beginning of the Universe. Even if none of it were true, it invites you to look further, to investigate further. And when you do, you will find at least some of it has really existed, there is too much proof to overlook.

But when you are told that God created the world and created all living beings, then that's it. No looking further, no investigation because everything is already written in a Holy Book, and that Book will never be enhanced with progressing Knowledge like in an Encyclopedia.
You can become a famous scientist and still believe in Creationism, sure, but where Knowledge grows, belief shrinks.
And that's where fanatic religious parents are afraid for, and they are right. But this right should not have been granted by a constitutional right.


Education provides a lot of Skills like reading, writing, how to calculate, how to search in books, how to search on the internet, etc. but the most important skill is to always ask "why?".
Why is the world as it is, why are there plants and animals, why is the Earth as it is, why is the Universe as it is, why do we live, why do we die, why must there be an aftermath, etc. etc.
If you never wonder why and take everything for granted and accept that everything is as it is because God wanted it this way ("Insha'Allah"), then you will never ask "why" again (because that would presuppose Blasphemy because God has made everything perfect in his almighty wisdom).

Behavior (social Skills)

On school children must adapt to the Behavior of other children, as a preparation on surviving in society. This already starts when small children play with their neighbour children.
But on school you will even have to deal with children who do not like you, who think you are stupid and will bully you. These are hard lessons but necessary to become hardened, resistent and resilient.

On some religious schools only children of parents with that Religion visit that school. All these children are somewhat mental clones, they are never confronted with children who think, dress and act somewhat differently. This might become a great shock when they are to integrate in society when they are adult.
On some religious schools boys and girls are split in different classes. This is absolutely a wrong signal in our society where man and women are to be treated as equal. When they have become adult, women are to be expected to integrate in society, and not to be prisoned at home, and only are allowed outdoor walking a meter behind her husband.
In Western society all children are obliged to attend school. Children of diplomates and other temporary citizens attend international schools. Even children of skippers attend boarding schools.
But some religious fanatic parents do not even want their children to attend religious schools, they demand to teach their children at home, in order to prevent their children to socialize with other children with a slightly other belief. This is a kind of mental hostage of their own children that can be viewed as the opposite of what this constitutional law should stand for.