The Ideal Constitution

Leprechauns and God exist

In the year 2021, still 6 of the 7˝ billion people believe in some kind of God entity (Religion), God to define as a spiritual or otherwise existing entity Who reigns the world and everything in it that He created as He desired it, and still influences the world in some manner and Who promises an aftermath in which everything will be perfect for all believers in Him and non-believers shall burn in Hell.

All these ages - but certainly nowadays with internet, Wikipedia, social media, in fact all media - these 6 billion believers have ALL the opportunity to indulge themselves in the knowledge mankind has obtained. Mankind is increasingly more able to manipulate nature, but does that in such an egoistic manner that the remaining living creatures (animals and plants) vastly suffer and will get extinct piece by piece.
When we hope to discover the most primitive life on Mars, scientists are in upper lyrical state. We more easily build a new society on Mars than we are able to preserve life on this planet. We witness the devastation of our planet and we let it happen.



Intelligent Design
Survival of the Fittest
Global Warming
Greenhouse Effect
Solar System
Of course millions of people can reason that the existence of a God is unlikely. But on the other hand billions of people cannot or will not comply and rather believe in an entity that will comfort them and give them hope in this merely unrightious and heartless existence. Holy texts are always explained in such a way - 10 times reinterpreted - till a confirmation can be established that it was God who desired thus. Scientifically, a theory can be confirmed as true when again and again, endlessly, all perceptions prove the theory. If billions of times has been demonstrated that the theory perseveres, but just ONE time fails, the theory is NOT true (or at least not complete), even when some believers will defend it desperately.
But about the theory whether God exists the opposite is even more essential: if billions and billions of times the unlikelyhood of the existence of God has been demonstrated but this one time it seems as there is something that remains unexplained and could leave room for the existence of an almighty entity, ALL believers will desperately cling to that single straw.

But if you never really observed a living creature, and still want to defend it as existent, for example Leprechauns? It is impossible to prove that leprechauns NOT exist (same applies to dragons, fairies, gnomes, mermaids, etc.). But if there is no one who has ever seen one (photos, movies) it will be difficult to define a leprechaun (appearance, qualities). By the way - the same applies to existing creatures, but the problem then is that there are SO many observations that it is very curious when to qualify the one observation as belonging to one species family or another. For example, there are more than 12.000 ant family species (Ants). Still it is amazing how easy and fast an ant is distinguished as such, ants are omnipresent, even a 100 million years ago ants were omnipresent. No sane human being will deny that ants exist (the biomass of all ants equals the biomass of all humans, there are 1 million ants on each human being).

Leprechauns exist. At least as a statue in some gardens or as a drawing in some children's books. If you ask lots of people what a leprechaun looks like, all these descriptions will sound alike. They all agree on how leprechauns look alike, live in the woods and have built a little house under a mushroom. In all Western countries everyone knows leprechauns, and that for hundreds of years.

But what if you did a scientific research on leprechauns? I tend to think you will never find any evidence for their existence. Never has anyone made a picture or a movie of a leprechaun, never has been found a corpse or fossile or other leprechaun remains. What do leprechauns eat. And do they poop? (why don't we ever find leprechaun poo in the woods). How many leprechauns are present? Are there family species of leprechauns, some of them thriving and some extincting, some family species will become a plague ... Suddenly my dog returns from the woods with a leprechaun in his mouth. Are they also vulnerable for bacteries and viruses, that the forest is overwhelmed with leprechaun corpses after a devistating pandemia. The multimedia have a major news item: a leprechaun tells us ALL about the leprechaun society (the specific language in which, is still unknown).

God exists. Or at least as long as mankind exists who is searching for answers for the unexplained. In early civilizations one or more Gods were worshipped, of the Avesta (Ahura Mazda, Zaratustra), Egyptians (Ra, Horus, Osiris), Maya culture, Inka culture, Buddhism (Mahayana), Hinduism (Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna), Greeks (Zeus, Poseidon), Romans (Jupiter, Neptune), Judaism (Yahweh), Christianity (Jehovah), Islam (Allah) and Indians (Manitou). Apologies for this very simple resumé: there are thousands of other religions, and they are all tremendously more complex than I present here, and most of them have lots of wisdom to offer. Most of mankind believes that Gods are responsible for the state of the world, and still is supposed that these Gods can intervene in the inevitable, endless chain of cause and effect.
Hence the intensive prayal, sacrifices to the Gods and strictly following the commandments. Religious fanatics are even prepared to sacrifice their own lives and that of their dear ones if they may hope to gain a privileged place in Paradise, close to God. Which brings us to the similarities of these religions: There are many views for the (non)existence of a God:
  • the physical: what material evidence is there or has been found
  • the ethical: is this a better world because God reigns this world
  • the historical: can we prove the existence of a God in events that happened
  • the personal: what has God meant for me and which hope may I have that God will salvage me
  • the apocalyptical: what does God promise when I have passed away

The physical evidence for the (non)existence of God

Intelligent design, Creationism are the most common used terms for the physical evidence that God exists, because of the inconceivable complex physical and biological structures which are not explicable in any other way than as the design of a supreme God.
The Genesis chapter from the Bible is as wrong as it can be, based on the geocentrical idea that the Earth was created first and then everything was created around it and came to circle round the Earth.
The outer planets ( Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) are Gas giants with a little core of solid substance. These planets have a sort of similar substance as the Sun. They have evolved during the creation of the Sun. The Earth and the other inner planets ( Mercury, Venus and Mars) consist of many elements from Hydrogen to Uranium (and farther: Periodic System, Earth composition) The chemical more complex elements as occur on Earth, can only be built by Super Stars (Nuclear Fusion). Thus the matter of which this Earth is assembled, is older than the Solar System itself. The Sun has with its enormous gravitational force attracted universal debris out of which during rotation the Earth and other planets have emerged thru clotting. The origin of water on Earth is still uncertain. On other planets the water vaporized into space or was encapsuled in enormous masses of lighter gasses (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). On the satellite Europa vast seas of water are presumed to exist under a 10 kilometer thick ice crust, so planet Earth is not the only celestial body with oceans of water in the Solar System. On Earth, the distance to the Sun, temperature and gravity were just right to sustain vast seas of water which is so essential for life as we know it. Mind that water is not an element but a chemical compound (H2O) and although it covers 71% of Earth's surface, it only tributes 0,02% to Earth's mass.
Oxygen also is vital for the Fauna on Earth as we know it. The air we breathe consists mainly for 78% of Nitrogen and 21% of Oxygen. The Oxygen is mainly a product of Photosynthesis, a biological process of Algae which live in the oceans and detach the O element from the H2 molecule in the seawater (H2O) (by the way, Oxygen makes up almost half of the crust's mass by compounds with other elements, and is the third most common element in the Universe, after Hydrogen and Helium).
No matter how intelligent and complex certain living organisms seem to be, they all evolved and will all be extinct one future era. That evolving and getting extinct is always the effect of the Survival of the Fittest (the organism which has best adapted to the natural habitat). The evolution theory works for vast numbers of creatures over hundred thousands of years. Some plant- and animal species are able to survive for several hundred millions of years (Algae, Ferns, Reptiles, Insects) and other organisms merely live for just a million years and are only to be admired as fossiles in musea (Extinct animals).
If God had designed plants and animals thus perfect, how come that each moment lots of species get extinct: millions of species are now extinct, and most of them even before mankind existed (Mankind only exists about 200.000 years). But on the other hand, each moment new plant- and animal species emerge. Science explains this phenomenon through Evolution. Only the new diversions of existing species which can withstand attacks by viruses, bacteria, fungi and other predators can maintain. This battle of life and death is continuously fought without even experiencing it (when you survive a 'cold') but can wipe out complete species (Darwin, Indians living on Tierra del Fuego). A minor genetic difference can determine life or death, and has nothing to do with fairness (this is the ethical part, see ethics).
Why has God created Flies, Wasps, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Lice, Mites, Leeches, Bacteries, Viruses and all the terrible diseases that accompany them.
Each apparently complex structure which is produced by an unintelligent creature, can be explained, for example a cobweb. When you observe a spider creating a web as simple as that, it is no miracle anymore.
There are innumerable natural disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, pandemics, etc. Physically completely logical phenomenons. But why has God never intervened if He claims to rule the world. Why has God never intervened in the modern world (Massacres, Genocides. See ethics).
As science progresses, we continuously improve our knowledge of the tremendous huge size and complexity of the Universe, about megastars, huge galaxies, quasars, pulsars, black holes and all the universal physical laws which apply, why is there so much complexity in the Universe when mankind never had anything to do with it, and maybe never will.
Why did the Creator not stop at the Solar System; that would have been more logical if everything was only meant for humanity and their utter destination: eternal Paradise on Earth.

The ethical evidence for the (non)existence of God

God has created Man like his own Image (He also created all other creatures but they cannot earn any right on an eternal final Judgment). He created Man with a Free Will. One of his Angels (which He also created) seduced Eva by means of a talking snake - to eat an apple from the Tree of Wisdom. For some reason Eva dragged Adam in her misery and asked him to eat from the Tree of Wisdom as well (since then women are considered to be seductive creatures, less than man, according to religious fanatics). And although God had forbidden Adam explicitly, for some reason Adam ate the apple, and since then all humans are expelled from Paradise. If you take this fairy tale literally, it is obviously very unlogical and unfair because God has created all these actors as they are and they could not have acted otherwise, why not create them better. However, it is a wonderful metaphor since all wisdom (as in science) did not make humankind a guardian of all other creatures and the habitat we live in. Indians (North- and South American), Aboriginals, Maori's, Inuit and all other nature men live in harmony with their habitat, do not destroy it and only catch, kill and fetch what they need for that day. They walk naked and are not ashamed of it: they live in today's Paradise. In opposite to homo sapiens who destroys complete rain forrests, pollutes the seas, creates a global warming hell, exploits shamelessly masses of pigs, chickens, cows, sheep and genocides others with advanced weapons. As such, the Wisdom Tree metaphor is more predictive than feared for.
Crime pays off we all can witness everyday. Nazi war criminals had a wonderful life upto their natural death in Argentine and Paraguay, some even in Germany. Evil men without conscience can live happily in wealth, and sweet naive people live in poverty and misery.
That is not logical from a religious point-of-view, but it is the only possible outcome of the biological law of Survival of the Fittest. Sweet, empathic people who abide the law, care for each other. Evil, harsh people spit upon all laws and on all other creatures, henceforce they can enrich themselves. Nice people are an easy pray for the Tax Office and crooks (especially with white collars) who steal, rob, rape and murder them. Even among these billions of crooks are many fanatic religious people who think to be able to explain to God why they act in His interest, and - from their point-of-view - do nothing wrong except protect their own interest / company. They pray 5× a day and abide strictly the Holy Laws (in the 5 Pillars of Islam you will find no law that forbids lying, stealing, robbing and killing).
Among the sweet, honest poor victims are also a lot of unbelievers. According to a lot of believers these unbelievers are to burn in Hell for eternity because of their unbelief. This in spite of the fact that He puts people on the world, make them unbelieve and let them do what unbelievers do (or even more do not) because He made them that way, and then to let them burn in Hell for eternity (better not have created them in the first place).

The historical evidence for the (non)existence of God

In the human history most wars were fought for religious reasons (1st World War and 2nd World War are exceptions).
From ancient cultures till written history as we know the early genocides against Jews (by Egyptians, Palestines), Christians (by Romans and Islam uprise), the Crusades, the genocide on Indians with the Christianization of South-America by Spanish and Portuguese, the wars between Catholics and Protestants, etc. etc.

Nowadays most of the contrapositions are religiously biased ( India-Pakistan, Arabic-Israeli conflict, ISIS, etc.).
Nowadays we can observe a quick uprise of Islamic intolerance which was always implicitly present in the Koran, in the Hadith (life of Muhammad) and in the Sharia. The Western civilization has never seemed to understand its potential dangerous ideology although signs of utmost intolerance has shaken the Western civilization like 9/11, the Fatwa against Salmon Rushdie, the murder of Theo van Gogh, the constant threats on the life of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders.
The immense success of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has unmasked a worldwide enthousiasm for the Sharia and a desire for total dominance by Islam over the world (Ummah). That is not a distant, local war but a war of your Muslim neighbour 3 doors away against the Western civilization as we know it. It is a worldwide civil war. Only when Western governments acknowledge it as their own civil war they can properly act upon the danger. Till then Western civilians are free targets.

Throughout all this history no one God (not Christian, not Islamic, not Judaic) has ever intervened. No innocent women and children were saved. Not one religion has ever definitely won. All blood shed was in vain. There was no logic, no righteousness, no love in it. Even if one would be able to see the hand of a God in it, it would not be a God one could love, rather hate.

The personal evidence for the (non)existence of God

I do not believe. Even if God stood right in front of me and performed the greatest miracles, I would not believe Him, I would not believe in Him. And even so, is that such a crime that I should burn in Hell in eternity. God is implausible, not logical. But let's say that I would keep to all commandments, that I would be a loving, righteous colleague, father, brother, neighbour. I would pray 5× a day, go to the Holy house twice a week, etc. But I still would not believe in God: will I go to Hell. But let's say I would not keep to any commandment, I would be a mean, dishonest person, beat my wife and children and abuse them, terrorize my neighbours. But I pray for forgiveness 5× a day, go to the Holy house twice a week. Shall God forgive me and grant me in Paradise. It doesn't seem fair, it doesn't seem logical. But that is what most religions promise their believers. If I were such a mean, dishonest, murdering person: what would loving, righteous, empathic acquaintances think of me when I enter Paradise.

The apocalyptic evidence for the (non)existence of God

Paradise and Hell.
On Judgment Day all human creatures that ever lived, shall be reassembled to a living creature (how is curious since most bodies have returned to dust and can now be part of another living creature).
The Final Judgment will be made.
The sins of believers will be forgiven and Paradise on Earth will be re-established.
The unbelievers shall burn in Hell in eternity (where is Hell if not on Earth? During the creation of this Paradise/Hell story men were still under the impression the world was flat, the upper side would become Paradise and the flip side Hell).
Ethically viewed, it would be more righteous to let the unbelievers and others who are not to be forgiven, rest in peace (R.I.P.).
According to Islam a Jihadist will be rewarded in Paradise with 72 virgins. You then should wonder what these 72 virgins have done wrong in their life to be raped by these hate beards, and that in a so called "Paradise", apparently hell for these virgins. And after this rape they are no virgin anymore (what to do with them then, should Allah wonder). The common joke is that Allah has announced a temporary stop on suicide attacks as long as there is a glaring shortage of virgins in Paradise.
On Judgment Day all 'good' men will enter Paradise and will live for ever. But what if you were a baby when you died: will you forever stay a baby? Or will you grow up to an adult? But to what age? And old folks: will they be young again? And to what age? Or will they live forever with their dementia, stoma and walker.
Humans with Down Syndrome, very sweet people: are they allowed in Paradise? Will they become intelligent and beautiful?
Will all warts, pimples, moles, myopia, deafness, lame feet, lame legs be gone? Will I become beautiful? Will a negroe become caucasian (as if he/she always wanted to).
Will the Sun always be shining, or does it still sometimes rain and snow? Does the Sun shine at night / is there no night anymore (I was always afraid in the dark).
Will there still be mosquitoes, flies, fleas, lice, ticks, wasps, leeches. Will vicious dogs still bite? Will lions eat grass? Will there be a zebra plague because lions eat grass? Are you still allowed to eat fish & chips and a steak? So do we still catch fish and butcher cows?
Can you get ichy? Are you allowed to scratch when it iches? And when you get bored? What then?
Conclusion: A world that is perfect (Paradise) is impossible, at least no longer than 5 minutes.
Do you desire a world that is good, sweet and righteous, then you never have observed and understood this world thoroughly. The world is as it is, and cannot be otherwise.
The big issue for religions and their believers is: what is life all about and what happens after death.
Are you so perfect, such a valuable creature to live forever in the Aftermath. These innumerable creatures that live during your life, that lived before you and will live after you, were they that special to live forever. Which individual dares to say of him/herself that he/she is so unique and so special that he/she is more entitled to live forever than these unnumerable other creatures. Take a close look in the mirror. Compare your body and mind with other people, with a magnificent creature as a tiger. Compare your achievements with those of great scientists, philosophers, composers, painters, poets, authors, architects, inventors: which right do you claim to stand next to them.
The fear for dying (not of being dead, completely harmless) creates the urge to want to live for ever, as if yesterday could be lived all over again, and that infinitum as in the funny movie Groundhog Day.
And if you understand this comedy thoroughly, you will recognize an amusing simplification of Samsara from Buddhism. It has been made obvious that this is not what you strive for.
Henceforce death is the utterly, desired end of a life that was insignificant and what did not really change anything in the world as it is and forever will be.

(In this last context, also read Tiny, jolly epilogue from the great philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer)